Monday, May 14, 2012

I miss "him" a lot~

Fuhh..That tittle post sounds good rite..Nway..its not about love.. its about my SEWING.. waaa.. Saye rindu nak menjahet.. RINDUUUUU~  order banyak sgt..seriously..Sangat x sempat.. Sem ni sem yg sht tough buat saye.. bukan fizikal je tapi rohani skali.. Dear my lovely waiting list CUSTOMER.. im so sorry.. I didnt mean to hurt u.. Please understand me.. Many type of PAIN i need to face this semester.. hoho..

P/s : there's so much THINGS i need to clear in my life nowadays which will affect my sewing mood.. please ya..someone need to be eliminated totally since he want/he shows that kind of behaviour of word.. Act could give 1000 words rite.. Please go away my school works!! btw, there's a new sunshine in my life now..Hope it could be lasting 4ever..

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